There are tons of different writing assistants out there, and all these tools share the same problem: they do not help improve your writing skill in the long run. You just click “Accept” for their corrections hundreds of times and then make the same mistakes again and again. It is time to fix this problem. Meet Linguix Writing Coach!

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It is a personalized writing and language skills improvement system that creates tailored language trainings based on the mistakes you make while writing. So, Linguix is fixing your writing right…

Hi there! Today I’d like to share with you a few helpful services and tools for learning English, which I tried myself (and still use some of them) — so I can safely recommend them. These tools will help you better speak, write and read in English, as well as find some pals for conversational practice or go study abroad. Let’s go!

Linguix — a profound writing assistant

Studying is studying, but sometimes you urgently need to write and send an email in English — and preferably, avoid multiple grammatical and lexical mistakes. …

The amount and diversity of field service companies grows and multiplies each year, following the increasing demand for home-delivered services. Apart from traditional areas, such as telecom, delivery service, engineering, cleaning, and plumbing, field service has expanded into education, healthcare, hospitality, etc. No wonder that competition among small businesses gets fiercer.

In this context, using field service management software (FMS) can be a substantial technological advantage. FMS, especially Planado, incorporates various field operations like assigning and scheduling tasks, dispatching and routing workers to new jobs, communicating with field workers on assignment, managing inventory, and collecting data.

Effective field service management…

2020 was a challenging year for plenty of businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and field service providers were among those that suffered the most. Numerous companies were forced to put their field operations on hold or look for alternatives to be able to serve their customers.

One of these alternatives is adopting new technological solutions, such as field service management software (FSM), to power up the service delivery. …

Efficiently managing a team of field service workers can be a stumbling block for many businesses. The reason is that this process involves a lot of factors and variables that can easily get out of control, so it takes a significant effort to keep track of all the unpredictable changes.

When it comes to delivering field services, companies often face such challenges as poor quality, delays, and miscommunication, sudden changes in schedules or routes, lack of information, etc. Field management software (FMS) can help monitor and manage various field operations components and improve overall efficiency.

Here are some things worth…

Running a field service business is not easy. To stay competitive, a company should offer a high-quality, sustainable, and predictable service while reducing costs and maximizing ROI. But how to manage your customers, field employees, appointments, paperwork and make it efficient?

Thanks to field management software, business owners and managers can now solve these tasks. But there are dozens of apps and tools out there; how to choose the one that’s right for your company? Here are four significant factors to consider.

It should work great on mobile

To make sure your field management software will add value, it should provide an excellent experience for those…

Automated assignment planning, service quality boost, and more efficient field management and control.

Planado helped one of the biggest dealers selling John Deere agricultural and forestry machinery in Eastern Europe. The company has 600+ employees working in offices in 20 regions. Many of them are service engineers working in the field to help set up and service the equipment.

Challenges: Inefficient planning and lack of control

Historically, the company did not have an all-in-one solution for field management and workload planning — this led to a range of issues, including poor planning and control. …

A global pandemic was a severe hit for many field service organizations, as the number of orders decreased due to quarantine restrictions and plummeted demand. This means that the competition became even more challenging, and the value of every customer skyrocketed. The only way to stay in business is to continue providing service excellence and making customers happy, so they return again and again.

However, this is not an easy thing to do thanks to new technologies; some tools allow service companies to boost their service quality. Today we will talk about how you can significantly improve your service’s quality…

Mobile is still booming. In 2020, an average user spends more than three hours per day on mobile. That said, the timeshare of mobile websites is continually decreasing and is currently at 12 minutes daily.

This means a straightforward thing: apps are more convenient to use on mobile devices. This is a more natural way of solving tasks. And this is why businesses across the globe are forced to develop mobile apps whether the goal is to get more users, sales, or automate processes and enhance employee’s productivity. …

The year 2020, with all its struggles and global pandemic fears, has demonstrated the importance of being healthy. Wellness and healthcare — the niche that is actively being re-shaped by new tech, from mobile apps to surgery room tools. In this topic, we will discuss three main technological trends that will mainly affect our health and how we control it shortly.

AI-based dieting

The data shows that poor nutrition hugely affects the quality of life. It can contribute to stress, tiredness, decrease productivity as well as stimulating the risk of developing multiple illnesses, including overweight, high blood pressure, and tooth decay.


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