Moving from Artificial Intelligence to Human Intelligence: Meet Linguix Writing Coach

There are tons of different writing assistants out there, and all these tools share the same problem: they do not help improve your writing skill in the long run. You just click “Accept” for their corrections hundreds of times and then make the same mistakes again and again. It is time to fix this problem. Meet Linguix Writing Coach!

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It is a personalized writing and language skills improvement system that creates tailored language trainings based on the mistakes you make while writing. So, Linguix is fixing your writing right away plus helping avoid them in the future! All you need is just install our browser extension and start writing to show the Writing Coach what you need to work on.

The tool is perfect for:

  • Native speakers who want to become stronger writers.
  • Professionals that would like to boost their results and accelerate their careers.

Together we can move from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an improved Human Intelligence (HI). Try Linguix Writing Coach today!

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