Top Three Tech Innovations Reshaping Wellness and Health Care

The year 2020, with all its struggles and global pandemic fears, has demonstrated the importance of being healthy. Wellness and healthcare — the niche that is actively being re-shaped by new tech, from mobile apps to surgery room tools. In this topic, we will discuss three main technological trends that will mainly affect our health and how we control it shortly.

AI-based dieting

The data shows that poor nutrition hugely affects the quality of life. It can contribute to stress, tiredness, decrease productivity as well as stimulating the risk of developing multiple illnesses, including overweight, high blood pressure, and tooth decay.

The new trend in this field is AI-based dieting. It works as follows: the person installs a mobile app to his or her phone, enters body parameters, food preferences or intolerances, some data on lifestyle, etc. After that, the algorithm analyses the data to come up with a list of personalized diets endorsed by dietitians and their associations.

This is how MyDietGenius technology works in its core. The developers offer the personalized AI-based dieting, meaning, the app selects diet to provide a personal meal plan based on a vast database of ingredients and recipes.

One of the main features of the technology is that the algorithm evolves along with the user’s body. This means that diet continually changes to reflect developments in the user’s life, including weight gain or loss.

Note: This is app is now being featured on Product Hunt. You can support and vote for it here:

Mobile tech to connect parents with their newborns

Sometimes, babies and newborns can’t go home with their parents right away. Tons of medical conditions require a baby staying in a NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) for some time, while their parents leave the hospital. This is very stressful for parents, so some hospitals are working towards minimizing this adverse effect.

For example, the University of Chicago and the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago have implemented the specialized PreeMe+You app that allows parents to be in contact with their child in NICU.

Virtual reality helps the patients go through a surgery

Having a scheduled surgery, childbirth, or other similar situations can be psychologically tough for patients. Happily, there is a technology developed by a VRHealth startup that allows using virtual reality to bring relief during medical procedures.

The patient gets VR glasses to wear during medical procedures that can be psychologically hard or painful. This allows minimizing the stress. When the patient is more relaxed, it is easier for healthcare providers to safely perform the needed procedure.

What other important tech innovations that are in real use right now do you know? Share in the comments!

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